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The Youth's Scene / NOSPR Academy & RSPO Academy - NOSPR

The Youth's Scene / NOSPR Academy & RSPO Academy

Free entrance
Grzesiek Mart
NOSPR Academy
RSPO Orchestra Academy
Grażyna Bacewicz
Quintet for Wind Instruments
Gabriella Smith
„Children of the Fire”  
Albert Schnelzer
„Apollonian Dances”
Witold Lutosławski
10 Polish Dances

How much of Poland can Sweden fit? 60%! At least when it comes to traditional dances - that's the percentage of melodies recorded in Sweden that are called 'Polska.' (Poland)"

And how do you dance the Polska dance? It depends - different variants are practiced in the Scandinavian countries - it's a whole dance family! So, celebrating the fruitful cooperation of the NOSPR, Konserthuset Stockholm, and the Polish Institute in Stockholm should be done with a dance and enthusiasm, especially since the grand finale coincides with the celebration of the 110th birthday of Witold Lutosławski and the 90th birthday of Henryk Mikołaj Górecki. Participants from the NOSPR Academy and RSPO Orchestra Academy, united in one ensemble, will perform 10 arrangements of folk dances by the first jubilee, 3 by the second, and 4 interpretations of an older colleague, Aleksander Tansman. 19 months of collaboration = 17 Polish dances and... a dance surprise!

The concert is co-funded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage as part of the task: Implementation of the scholarship and mentoring program - NOSPR Academy.

The study visit of the RSPO Academy will take place within the framework of the "Institutions of the Future 2023" project as part of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage program "Inspiring Culture".


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