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The range of activities

The aim of the NOSPR is:

1) cultivating the traditions of the organizational predecessors of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra;

2) showing the richness of Polish music and world heritage;

3) promotion of contemporary music creativity with particular emphasis on Polish music;

4) disseminating music culture in the country and abroad;

5) implementation of tasks for Polish Radio, including:

a) making music recordings and performing aerial concerts as part of the annually established standard.

b) participation in co-production recordings, events and events organized by Polish Radio.

6) implementation of tasks for the City of Katowice in the form of 8 symphonic concerts in the city of Katowice;

7) organizing concerts;

8) engaging outstanding Polish and foreign artists;

9) striving to reach the highest artistic level;

10) care for representativeness of music programs;

11) conducting promotional activities.


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