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Declaration of accessibility

Declaration of accessibility

The Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice hereby undertakes to provide accessibility of its website pursuant to the provisions of the Act of 4th April 2009 on digital accessibility of public bodies’ websites and mobile applications.

The declaration of accessibility pertains to the website of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice.

Website publication date: 2019-11-06.

Last significant update date: 2020-11-16.

The website is partially compliant with the Act of 4th April 2009 on digital accessibility of public bodies’ websites and mobile applications, due to not providing text for hearing-impaired persons.

The declaration was made on: 2019-09-01.

The declaration was last reviewed and amended on: 2020-11-30.

The declaration is based on the public body’s self-evaluation.

Keyboard shortcuts

The website enables the user to use standard keyboard shortcuts. One may use the [TAB], [Shift] + [TAB] and the [ENTER] keys to navigate the website.

Feedback and contact data

Please contact us if you notice any accessibility issues on the website. Your contact for this purpose is Katarzyna Spyra, You can also call us using the phone number +48 32 73 25 308.

Everyone is entitled to request that a website, a mobile application, or an element thereof is made digitally accessible. One may also request for information to be provided with an alternative access method. The request shall include: personal details of the person who is filing it, the name of the website or mobile application concerned, a description of a method of contacting the person who is filing the request.

If a person is filing a request for receiving information provided with an alternative access method, they should also specify the way of presenting the information which they will find convenient.

The public body should satisfy the request without delay, no later than within 7 days from filing the request. If it is not possible to satisfy the request within the aforementioned time frame, the public body shall inform the requesting party about the date on which the request is to be satisfied, the latter date being no later than 2 months from filing the request. If it is not possible to provide digital accessibility, the public body may offer an alternative access method. Should a public body refuse to satisfy the request for providing digital accessibility or providing information with an alternative access method, the requesting party may file a complaint concerning provision of digital accessibility of a website, a mobile application or an element thereof.

After exhausting the above procedure, one may also file a claim with the Commissioner for Human Rights:

Architectural accessibility

The space surrounding the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice building is available for persons with disabilities in terms of the pavements and paths, which are situated on one level. The Culture Zone space, of which the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice is a part, has parking lots with clearly designated parking places for persons with disabilities. These parking places are situated at the shortest possible distance from the main entrance. Persons with disabilities and persons accompanying them are entitled to park directly in front of the main entrance for up to 5 minutes free of charge. This enables them to purchase tickets at the box office, make reservations, and reach the box office and the concert hall in a convenient manner.

The entrances to the building are accessible from ground level, with no stairs. The building is equipped with both revolving and traditional doors on both sides. The surfaces of the floors are flat, with no differences in level. Access to each floor is provided with elevators accessible for wheelchair users. The building offers a room for nursing mothers. Toilets accessible for persons with disabilities are located on each floor adjacent to the general-access toilet blocks.

Box offices and cloakrooms are located on the 0 level, close to the main entrance. The cloakrooms provide storage for pushchairs and luggage. The bookstore, accessible for persons with disabilities, is located on the 0 level. Acoustic doors are equipped with thresholds no higher than 2 centimetres and the remaining doors are threshold-free. The design of the auditorium of the main Concert Hall offers 6 places for wheelchair users and persons accompanying them on both sides of the auditorium, on the ground level, in the most attractive and accessible part of the Amphitheatre, in front of the stage. The Chamber Hall offers 4 places on the +1 level. The places are accessible directly from the floor level.

The recording complex, which is located below ground level, is equipped with a vertical platform lift providing access for wheelchair users.

The personnel of the box offices and cloakrooms, ushers, and security personnel provide support for persons with disabilities in using the cloakroom and reaching the concert halls. These persons are given priority in being served by the personnel.

It is possible to enter the building with an assistance dog, yet, due to the character of our institution, we do not allow participation in concerts in concert halls with an assistance dog. Every person may, upon prior notice, be assigned a member of cloakroom staff (assistance in dressing) and an usher (seating and return to the cloakroom).

There is no sign language interpreter available at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice, either on site or online.

The building is equipped with an infrared-signals-based support system for hearing-impaired persons. The solution ensures separation from other wireless systems using radio transmissions, with relatively high immunity to lighting-generated noise. In the concert hall, the system covers the main auditorium with its balcony and the balcony on level 2. In the chamber hall, the PIR04 transmitter ensures proper functioning of the system across the whole auditorium. 1 audio channel is provided for each hall. The use of the same sender, an MIR01 modulator, for both halls means that a complete set of audio signals is transmitted in each hall, both the large concert hall and the chamber hall.

All events organised at the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice are accessible for persons with disabilities. Persons with disabilities and persons accompanying them are entitled to discounts when purchasing tickets for the events. We offer special tickets for 50% of the price of a regular ticket to persons with mobility impairment and persons accompanying them (a special place for a wheelchair and a seat for the accompanying person) and to persons with other disabilities (a seat in the hall).

Accessibility Coordinator at NOSPR 

Katarzyna Spyra
tel. 32 73 25 321 or 798 874 904

In matters related to the reservation and sale of tickets and availability of special seats, the following are at your disposal:

Organization and Audience Development Department

phone: 32 73 25 321

NOSPR ticket office

phone. 32 73 25 312 and 32 73 25 320

The box office is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm, on Sunday and Monday two hours before the concert.


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