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More Information

We play safe! Click and learn more about the public health rules in force during the coming concerts – more

Ticket booking

Individual and group tickets can be booked in person at the Box Office (1 Wojciech Kilar Square, Katowice) or by phone, Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00–20:00, at +48 32 73 25 312 and +48 32 73 25 320.

To book the tickets, the following information is needed: the name and the surname of the person who makes the booking and his or her phone number and e-mail address.

The NOSPR will use these personal data only for the purpose of the booking.

A refusal to provide these data means that booking cannot be made.

If the person who makes the booking wishes to obtain a VAT invoice, it is necessary to provide the name of the company or institution to which the invoice is to be issued, its address (street name, postal code, city), and the Taxpayer Identification Number.

The payment for tickets booked in person or by phone must be received for within 14 days from the booking date. If the payment is not received within the specified time, the booking is cancelled and the tickets go back to sale.

Payment for tickets

The payment for booked tickets must be made within 14 days from the booking date, in cash or by credit card, at the Box Office or by bank transfer to:

Narodowa Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia z siedzibą w Katowicach
pl. Wojciecha Kilara 1
40-202 Katowice
Bank account number: 53 1130 1091 0003 9112 5320 0001

In the title of the payment, please indicate the name and surname of the person who has made the booking, the number of tickets, and the date and title of the concert.

  • After 14 days from the booking date, the unpaid tickets are released.
  • Booked and paid tickets should be collected from the Box Office 30 minutes prior to the concert at the latest.

Ticket returns

  • Tickets bought at the Box Office can be returned no later than 7 days prior to the concert.
  • For each returned ticket, a service fee of PLN 4 is charged.
  • Returned tickets are refunded in the same form of payment as the original purchase.
  • As stated in the purchase regulations of (Section 6, point 1), tickets purchased through the online system are not eligible for a refund, except for the case of event cancellation for reasons attributable to the NOSPR.

The NOSPR reserves the right not to accept ticket returns for selected events.

Information for music lovers

Events at the NOSPR in Katowice start punctually. Please make sure to arrive on time.

Latecomers can only be admitted into the auditorium during intermissions, if they are scheduled.

Eating or drinking in the auditorium is strictly prohibited.

Sound recording, photography, and filming during events are prohibited.

For more information, please contact:

Organization and Audience Development Department

tel. 32 73-25-321

Gift Cards

A great idea for a gift! The recipient of the gift card can choose a concert from the rich repertoire of the NOSPR.

The most important information:

  • the gift card entitles its implementation only at the ticket office of the NOSPR and allows to purchase tickets for a selected concert organized by the NOSPR
  • gift cards available at prices: 50, 100, 150 and 200 PLN
  • the gift card is valid for one year from the date of purchase

We play safe! Click and learn more about the public health rules in force during the coming concerts – more

Event participants are obliged to submit a completed declaration prior to the concert. You can download the declaration


Information on the return of tickets purchased at the NOSPR ticket offices, settlement of subscriptions, returns of tickets purchased with a gift card or tickets booked at the NOSPR ticket offices and paid by bank transfer, as well as the rules and dates of returning tickets to guests concerts, can be found here – more.

The Box Office

Plac Wojciecha Kilara 1, 40–202 Katowice
tel: +48 32 73 25 312 or 320

Let us improve our safety in these difficult times together. Please read the important information below before coming to a concert.

All safety rules are included in the 

Event participant statement - covid (docx)


Before entering the NOSPR building, our Guest is obliged to:

  • maintain a safe distance both outside and inside the NOSPR building, i.e. minimum 2 metres, and avoid gathering in groups (pertains to hallways, box office queues, toilets, lifts, etc.),
  • disinfect hands or gloves with disinfectant to be found at every entrance,
  • cover nose and mouth with protective masks, headgear or scarves.


2. Participants present inside the building are required to comply with ushers’ recommendations and with announcements placed around the building.

3. Inside the concert hall, the listeners are obliged to use the seats indicated on their tickets. It is not possible to change seats or use seats designated as out of use.

4. The cafeteria and restaurant in the NOSPR building are temporarily closed until further notice, which is why it is permissible to take a small bottle of water into the concert hall.

5. The coatroom is closed until further notice. One ought to take their outer garment into the concert hall and put it on the nearest free seat.

6. In case of rainy weather, please use a small umbrella and a plastic bag to store it during the concert.

7. If your health deteriorates, due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, please resign from participation in the concert and stay at home.


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