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Pianissimo / Sensory Concerto - NOSPR

Pianissimo / Sensory Concerto

Alicja Molitorys – flute

Sensory-friendly concert as part of the project NOSPR accessible. Pianissimo Series – for sensory-sensitive individuals seeking peace and tranquility.

We dreamt of them, and that's why we create them! Sensory-friendly concerts, events designed with the principle of 'less is more' in mind. Dimmed lights, reduced movement at the NOSPR building, the ability to move freely around the hall, along with a carefully selected, calming repertoire and outstanding performers.

The new concert series 'Pianissimo' is a proposition for those who are sensitive to bright lights, loud conversations, and noise; for those who feel uncomfortable in crowds. It's a safe space for individuals with heightened sensory sensitivity, who either can't or don't enjoy sitting still for too long.

Each concert offers 45 minutes of a unique artistic experience, devoid of loud sounds and bright lights. Whenever possible, we strive to organize concerts on days when there are no other events in the building, to avoid queues at the cloakroom and crowding in the corridors.

There will be an enchanting, refined repertoire and the opportunity for close interaction with the performers. There will be seating and standing areas, as well as space for free movement – all so that everyone can experience the music in their own way.

As for this year's repertoire – while the piano was the leading instrument in the previous season, now other equally delicate instruments will join in that easily meet the cycle's goals.

Detailed repertoire and the method of reserving free tickets will be available soon on our website.

Duration: approximately 60 minutes

Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture.


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