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Family concert / Musical Cinema vol. 2 - NOSPR

Family concert / Musical Cinema vol. 2

Tickets: 25-35 zł
Grzesiek Mart
Patryk Zakrocki
Paweł Szamburski
Małgorzata Lietz – compere

Join us on a musical journey to the Land of the Blue Knight - the main character of an animated series created at the Animated Films Studio in Bielsko-Biała in the years 1963-65. Will there be time for boredom? Not at all!

The adventures that await us can make heads spin. Together with the Blue Knight, we will fight against a spider who has imprisoned the queen bee, play dice in a tavern with ruffians, save flowers from a deadly mole, rally against an aggressive bumblebee, and finally rescue a group of ants from the clutches of river pirates! And all of this, of course, accompanied by music - which in its improvised form will follow countless emotions that we will share with the characters of "The Adventures of the Blue Knight".

During the concert we will see screenings of 5 episodes of the series "The Adventures of the Blue Knight":

  1. Romantic Adventure (dir. Lechosław Marszałek)
  2. Squire (dir. Stanisław Dülz)
  3. Little Flower (dir. Leszek Lorek)
  4. The First Expedition (dir. Władysław Nehrebecki)
  5. River Pirates (dir. Władysław Nehrebecki)

See you soon!

Concert duration: approximately 60 minutes  

Cooperation with the film institution Silesia Film


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