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Kaleidoscope / Papa Haydn's magnificent concept - NOSPR

Kaleidoscope / Papa Haydn's magnificent concept

Tickets: 10 zł
Katarzyna Jawor – violin
Kinga Tomaszewska – violin
Joanna Tesarczyk – viola
Natalia Kurzac-Kotula – cello

Welcome to "Papa Haydn’s Magnificent Concept" – a concert telling the story of origin and development of such a curious ensemble as the string quartet is. It is a proposal to travel to the times when the idea of merging two violins, a viola and a cello into one perfect organism of great capability came to be. Pieces by famous composers such as Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven will be performed by members of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice: Rafał Zambrzycki (violin), Kinga Tomaszewska (violin), Joanna Tesarczyk (viola) and Natalia Kurzac-Kotula (cello), while stories of instruments, composers, rings and frogs will be told by Anna Lis and Aleksandra Batog. Why the new set of instruments found such ardent followers and who they were; whether instruments are able to talk, shout and laugh – and whether performers felt like laughing when Beethoven was bringing them notes – we will learn all these things during the concert. And, above all, we will be served a generous portion of great music. Please feel invited!

Duration of the concert: approx. 45 minutes


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