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Kaleidoscope / A garden of joy and sorrow Concert celebrating the 90th birthday of Sofia Gubaidulina - NOSPR

Kaleidoscope / A garden of joy and sorrow / Concert celebrating the 90th birthday of Sofia Gubaidulina

Tickets: 10 zł
Łukasz Zimnik – flute
Dawid Jadamus – viola
Anna Scheller – harp

The December concert will transport us to a world of three instruments, each of a different character and charming timbre: the crystalline flute, the melancholic viola, and the celestial harp.

What is it that connects the three extremes? It is the story of how the famous French composer Claude Debussy created his work. It was him who first developed the idea of using the three instruments together. Further composers, fascinated with the sound of the atypical ensemble, have been creating new pieces for a hundred years now. However, the main heroine of the concert will be Sofia Gubaidulina, celebrating her 90th birthday, or rather her Garden of Joy and Sorrow, shimmering with all colours of the spectrum. There will also be no dearth of tales about composers, fantastic stories about the harp, and sonic story-riddles.

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Duration of the concert: approx. 45 minutes


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