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Yamen Saadi - NOSPR

Yamen Saadi Violin

photo by Clara Evens

Yamen Saadi was born in Nazareth in 1997. He started to study the violin at the Barenboim-Said Conservatory in Nazareth, and after that, he began to study under the guidance of the renowned Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Concertmaster, Chaim Taub.
He joined the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra, conducted by Daniel Barenboim, at the age of 11 in 2008; 6 years later, he served as concertmaster of the orchestra.
He has been a winner of the AICF’s scholarships multiple times. He also won 1st prize at the Paul Ben Haim Competition, 2nd prize at the Clermont Competition, 1st prize at the Aviv competitions, and was awarded the Prinz von Hessen Prize.

His first solo concert was when he was 11 with the Haifa Symphony Orchestra.
He has played as a soloist with the Haifa Orchestra, Galilee Chamber Orchestra, Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra, Israel Netanya Kibbutz Orchestra, Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Israel Chamber Orchestra, Orquesta de Valencia.
Yamen Saadi is an active chamber music player, touring in the USA, Europe and Asia with different chamber music ensembles in halls such as Paris Philharmonie, Boulez Saal. He has participated in many festivals such as Rolandseck Festival, Grachtenfestival, Hamburg International Music Festival, Gotland Chamber Music Festival, Kfar Blum Music Festival, Jerusalem International Chamber Music Festival and played with distinguished musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, Guy Braunstein, Amichai Grosz, Alisa Weilerstein, Sergei Krylov. He is also part of the Pierre Boulez Ensemble since 2016 and part of Musethica since 2017. 
Together with four other musicians, they formed the Chianti Ensemble, a piano quintet ensemble that plays in all settings possible: duos, trios, quartets.
Yamen Saadi has completed his Bachelor's in the Barenboim-Said Akademie and is currently studying at Kronberg Academy under the guidance of Mihaela Martin. These studies are funded by the Jürgen Fitschen/Friederike Lohse Stipendium.
He is currently playing on a violin made by Giovanni Francesco Pressenda (1823), previously owned and played by Chaim Taub and a Jacob Eury bow, both generously loaned to him by Stephan Jensen.


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