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Woytek Mrozek - NOSPR

Woytek MrozekConductor, production

clarinet virtuoso, conductor, composer and producer, artist of an international format. “..since 1992 Mr. Mrozek has collaborated with the Yehudi Menuhin LMN, giving many concerts. What characterizes his play is an excellent technique, remarkable musical intelligence, warm sound, as well as spontaneity and emotionalism. He has performed twice at the renowned Prinzregentertheater in Munich in official concerts in the presence of Lord Yehudi Menuhin and Professor August Everding. I strongly recommend Mr. Mrozek to all colleagues, impresarios and sponsors, not only for his outstanding qualifications but also because of his autyentic and agreeable manner “(Yehudi Menuhin , Munich 10 March 1997). One of the most eminent contemporary clarinetist, consistently going beyond the traditional attitude towards the musician’s profession – the instrumentalist extending the range of his creative activity almost every month. The artist, famous for unconventional ideas and unrestrained imagination, continuously looks for new means of expression. With characteristic dynamics, he goes beyond conventions that divide music into popular and elitist music; in his amazing projects he combines the roles as an all-round instrumentalist, composer, arranger and conductor. Mrozek mastery of the instrument as well as extraordinary gift for music enables him to co-operate with excellent and world-known Orchestras and Artists such all Polish Philharmonic Orchestras,  Sinfonia Varsovia, Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, Polish Nationaly Radio Orchestra in Warsaw, National Philharmonic Orchestra in Warsaw and with Artists - K. A. Kulka, K. Herdzin, K. Debski, M. Nesterowicz, Z. Namyslowski, and with the Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Europa Union Chamber Orchestra, Orchestra Sinfonica Santiago de Chile, Ukrainian National Symphony Orchestra Kiev, Philharmonic Orchestra Lviv, Moscau Virtuoso Orchestra, Classic Avangarde Orchestra – Minsk, and more, artists – Eddie Daniels, Charles Naidich, Niggel Kennedy, Aleksandro Jusakos Mardones and more. He has recorded 32 CD’s.


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