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Wacław Zimpel - NOSPR

Wacław ZimpelClarinet

photo by Leszek Zych

Free-jazz clarinetist and electroacoustic music composer, highly regarded in Poland and abroad. He studied at the Academy of Music in Poznań and the Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover. As an instrumentalist and improviser, he has collaborated with, among others, Mikołaj Trzaska, Ken Vandermark, and Evan Ziporyn. Member of numerous music projects such as Hera, Undivided, Saagara,LAM trio,and a duo with Kuba Ziołek. His works demonstrate inspirations from avant-garde, ethnic, klezmer, jazz, minimal, and repetitive music. Initially mainly expressing himself as a clarinet player, with time he developed his musical language using synthesisers, guitar effects, and computer tools in order to enrich his sound. Electronics became his new form-building medium, while the clarinet is treated as a point of departure for electroacoustic transformations. He has appeared at festivals in Poland (OFF Festival, Tauron New Music, Enea Spring Break, Unsound) and worldwide (Chicago Jazz Festival, Rewire in the Hague, MUTEK Barcelona, Suoni Per Il Popolo in Montreal). His accolades include “Polityka” weekly’s Passport Award and the Artistic Award of the City of Poznań.


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