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Piotr Salata - NOSPR

Piotr SalataVocal

Piotr Salata's music is like good coffee. We reach for it to feel the unique taste and aroma of this delicious mix of oldschool pop, bossanova, pop, samba, jazz and soul. I must admit that it is harmlessly addictive. The singer sings about what sometimes we can not tell a loved one. He sings about the world outside the windows and the one hidden within us. The artist is accompanied by excellent musicians known for their collaboration with the biggest Polish pop stars. Piotr Salata singer, composer. It has phenomenal timbre and exceptional artistic sensitivity. In 2002, he became the winner of the popular television program "Road to the Stars". Four years later, he won the festival International Meetings of Jazz Vocalists in Zamość. He took part in the Polish Song festivals in Opole or the Sopot Top Trendy Festival. During his performance in "The Voice of Poland" he delighted the audience and the jury with the song "Georgia on my mind". from 2011, the artist began working with Universal Music, which resulted in two albums - "Czuła Gra" (2012) and the latest - "PS" with guest participation by Gordon Haskell (2016). These events are patronized by pr. AND PR. This album captivates. The songs that make it up are little masterpieces. The biggest advantage is the timbre of Piotr's voice. Deep, rough, blunt, but very warm is the hallmark. Add to this the melodious composition, decent music, beautiful and clever lyrics and most importantly songs in Polish. Even surprising duets with Gordon Haskell are bilingual. The single "In Rio" was named duo of the year by the music portal Wyspa FM.


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