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Maciej Obara - NOSPR

Maciej ObaraSaxophone

Sax player and jazz composer, born in Jelenia Góra; leader of a Polish-Norwegian quartet. Since his study years at the Academy of Music in Katowice, he has consistently developed his own style, garnering favourable reviews. He collaborated with trumpeter Tomasz Stańko on the latter’s Tomasz Stańko Special Project and the New Balladyna Quartet. Later he gained experience as a jazzman in the United States, where he recorded and performed live with representatives of the New York jazz scene. His original musical language is becoming more and more recognisable. He has appeared at major European jazz festivals and released nine CDs; the last of which, Unloved (ECM 2017), is at the same time the first studio album by the Maciej Obara Quartet. After Tomasz Stańko and Marcin Wasilewski, he is the third Pole to have released an album under that legendary Munich-based label. In 2018 he won the Fryderyk Awards as 'Jazz Musician of the Year' and for the 'Jazz Album of the Year' (Unloved).

Upcoming concerts

JazzKLUB / Maciej Obara Quartet
JazzKLUB / My Season Ticket

JazzKLUB / Maciej Obara Quartet

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