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Klangforum Wien - NOSPR

Klangforum Wien

photo by Tina Herzl

Open-minded, virtuosic in performance and aurally perceptive, Klangforum Wien – one of the internationally most renowned ensembles for contemporary music – devotes itself to the artistic interpretation and expansion of experiential space. A performance of Klangforum Wien is an event in the best sense of the word; it offers a sensual experience, immediate and inescapable; and the novelty in its music speaks, acts and beguiles.

Ever since it was founded by Beat Furrer in 1985, the ensemble – which, over the years, has received a great number of awards and distinctions – has written music history: It has presented around 600 world premieres of works by composers from four continents; it boasts an extensive discography of more than 90 releases, appearing at the most important concert and opera venues, but also in the context of young, committed initiatives, and at the major music festivals in Europe, America and Asia. In a mutually rewarding collaboration with many of the world's leading composers, the ensemble has formed a great number of formative artistic friendships.

Since 2009, the musicians of Klangforum Wien have devoted themselves to sharing their comprehensive mastery of playing techniques and forms of expression with a new generation of artists in the context of their collective professorship at the University of Music, Graz.

Klangforum Wien is made up of 23 musicians from Australia, Bulgaria, Germany, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. At the start of the 2018/19 season, Bas Wiegers was appointed First Guest Conductor, taking over from Sylvain Cambreling who, however, has maintained a close relationship with the ensemble as its First Guest Conductor Emeritus.

Tim Anderson, Conductor


Markus Deuter, Oboe

Bernhard Zachhuber, Olivier Vivarès, Klarinetten

Gerald Preinfalk, Saxofon

Christoph Walder, Julia Pesendorfer, Horn

Anders Nyqvist, Trompete

Stefan Obmann, Ivo Nilsson, Posaune

Florian Müller, Klavier, Keyboard

Krassimir Sterev, Akkordeon

Samuel Toro Pérez, E-Gitarre

Alex Lipowski, Björn Wilker, Schlagwerk

Sophie Schafleitner, Annette Bik, Violine

Ruth Kemna, Viola

Benedikt Leitner, Leo Morello, Violoncello

Aleksi Ruonavaara, Kontrabass

Peter Böhm, Klangregie


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