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Basque National Orchestra. Euskadiko Orchestra - NOSPR

Basque National Orchestra. Euskadiko Orchestra

Basque National Orchestra / Euskadiko Orkestra

Today, the Basque National Orchestra is a leading symphony ensemble in Spain. Fostered and developed by the Basque Government, it was established in 1982 as a nationwide ensemble, strongly rooted in its community: an orchestra of its time, with extremely high standards and expectation, and a firm commitment to disseminate symphony music from all periods, yet with a special emphasis on the creation and promotion of Basque music both domestically and abroad thanks to the numerous international tours (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the UK, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile) and the distribution of records. Euskadiko Orkestra’s three latest albums, Ravel, Americascapes, and Ravel 2 released on the Ondine label, have attracted the attention of world critics and are crucial for the positioning of the orchestra. Thanks to its established schedule, the Orchestra regularly performs four symphony cycles in Vitoria, Bilbao, San Sebastián, and Pamplona, organises another two cycles of chamber music and music for children, and makes guest appearances at festivals and operas. Robert Trevino has been the Basque National Orchestra’s musical director since 2017 and will continue to lead it in the coming years.

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Basque National Orchestra / Treviño / Ravel & Mahler
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Basque National Orchestra / Treviño / Ravel & Mahler

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