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Safety rules

Let us improve our safety in these difficult times together. Please read the important information below before coming to a concert.

All safety rules are included in the Event participation regulations.


Before entering the NOSPR building, our Guest is obliged to:

  • maintain a safe distance both outside and inside the NOSPR building, i.e. minimum 2 metres, and avoid gathering in groups (pertains to hallways, box office queues, toilets, lifts, etc.),
  • disinfect hands or gloves with disinfectant to be found at every entrance,
  • cover nose and mouth with protective masks, headgear or scarves.


2. Participants present inside the building are required to comply with ushers’ recommendations and with announcements placed around the building.

3. Inside the concert hall, the listeners are obliged to use the seats indicated on their tickets. It is not possible to change seats or use seats designated as out of use.

4. The cafeteria and restaurant in the NOSPR building are temporarily closed until further notice, which is why it is permissible to take a small bottle of water into the concert hall.

5. The coatroom is closed until further notice. One ought to take their outer garment into the concert hall and put it on the nearest free seat.

6. In case of rainy weather, please use a small umbrella and a plastic bag to store it during the concert.

7. If your health deteriorates, due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, please resign from participation in the concert and stay at home.

Participant declaration (docx)

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Information on ticket returns

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